editingTo be able to quote you accurately for any editing or other services, please use the contact form to provide the necessary information. I will respond within 24 hours. Keep in mind that I am in South Africa so there may be a time zone difference.

I cover the full spectrum of editing services from deep-down developmental edits through line editing to simple proofreading.

Both fiction (all genres) and non-fiction are covered, though there will obviously be some restrictions in terms of specialised content, e.g. scientific or engineering specific terminology, etc. which I would not be familiar with.

I also offer website and blog post editing. Monthly packages can be negotiated at better pricing for regular website edits, e.g. blog posts.

This site is in ‘South African’ English as I’m based in South Africa. I edit internationally, however, with clients who use US, UK, and other (like Australia and New Zealand) English. I’m familiar with the style guides that apply in most instances. Should something out of the ordinary crop up, I have recourse to the relevant guides where necessary.

Pricing is often a source of frustration on a website, but that’s because ‘generic’ pricing is rather like asking the length of the proverbial piece of string. Each book is different. Your requirements are specific. I quote based on what you need, usually on a per 1000 words basis. Always, I look to structure a package that will meet your needs at a fair and affordable rate. I don’t believe in nasty surprises. You know up front what you’re looking to spend on editing.

A little clarity on the various types of editing…

Developmental or substantive editing, deals with the big picture. This digs deep into plot, characters, story line, context, and all those major structural and emotive elements that make your book hum. This is where you may be called upon to ‘slice and dice’ and to rework your book. This is the part most authors dread. A good editor will never do the work for you. We work alongside to redirect, guide, broaden perspective, and encourage perfection. A good editor won’t jump in and ‘fix’ issues. We highlight them and offer recommendations. As the author, it’s your voice and your style that must remain consistent throughout.

Line editing is simple editing – looking at grammar, punctuation, repetition, sentence structure, etc. I will usually work this into my developmental editing so you don’t ‘pay twice’ for what can be done together.

Proofreading is just that – reading the final proof. This is the last check before publishing.

For more information or a quotation, please use the contact form provided or email me on judith@editorandmore.com