web editsNothing yells ‘unprofessional’ quite like a badly written blog post or a website full of grammatical errors. Companies spend enormous amounts on website creation and for content. All this effort is negated by shoddy writing and web edits are critical to polish the final product.

The reasons for these errors are usually that the person doing the writing is a) not a writer and b) the influence of what I call ‘text speak’ which drops words and thus creates sentence fragments or disregards grammar and punctuation.

The website is the international ‘face’ of a company, large or small, and is visible 24/7. It’s often, these days, the primary means whereby your company is selected or rejected, even before that all-important telephone call.

Sadly, a page that is glaringly careless with grammar or punctuation sends a silent message of a lack of professionalism you don’t want potential clients to hear.

We structure monthly packages based on regularity of new content or will assist with single post edits for all types of websites. For more information or a quote, please use contact form or email judith@editorandmore.com