Covers define the books they contain and will often be a ‘make or break’ factor. The first thing your reader sees is your book’s cover. Most readers will confess that they often make a snap decision whether or not to buy a book based on the cover, so it’s something that is critical to ‘get right.’

Covers are an intensely personal expression, the ‘face’ to the author’s aspirations for their literary ‘baby’ and thus a potentially sensitive issue. For this reason, I will usually ask a lot of questions up front to identify the author’s vision for their cover. As a result, all the examples here reflect author preference rather than the full range of my ability.

Style, layout, individual motifs, and overall look and feel are entirely your decision, though I will guide you and make suggestions that I believe capture what you have in mind. I will work with you every step of the way to create a cover that reaches your vision and says what you’ve worked to say in your book. Samples of some of the covers I have done are available below.

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A Cutting Affair Yesterday's Dreams The Look Brain Child Sanctuary's Wilderness A Second Chance A Perilous Marriage Finding Lana Lang Moments in Time Still Running Farsight sample cover A Second Splendor A Thick Black LineDearly Departed