The Editor and More services I offer have evolved from requests by long-standing and new clients. What started as ‘purely editing’ has become a comprehensive range of services for both publishers and for authors looking for a ‘one-stop’ service to meet all their self-publishing needs.

So what gives Editor and More the edge?

editor and more

  • 100% Commitment. I’m passionate about what I do. It’s not ‘just a job.’ It’s who I am. That means I take each project personally.
  • Excellent qualifications. I have a degree in English and Communication, with Psychology as a sub-major. It’s an unusual but effective combination.
  • Solid experience. Many years’ experience in writing, editing, and publishing, including both international publishers and individual authors.
  • Genre versatility. I cover both fiction and non-fiction editing, with pre-advised restrictions on specialised non-fiction. I have also covered most fiction genres.
  • International English experience. This includes US, UK, South African, Australian and most other versions of English.
  • Historical knowledge. As a bit of a history fanatic, accurate historical context is a speciality.
  • Self-publishing experience. I’m familiar with most self-publishing platforms so can advise and take care of all requirements.
  • Cover creation – according to author specifications – is the added bonus, part of the ‘so much’ in more.
  • I also edit websites and blog content, and will create monthly packages at competitive rates for companies requiring a regular web editing service.

That’s it in a nutshell. View the About Us and Services pages for more details.

For more information, queries, or a quotation, please uses the contact form or email